Nimbuzz BlackBerry v1.4.1 with bug fixes. Download now!

Hi All,
Here’s announcing the release of v1.4.1 of our BlackBerry client.

Have you ever faced issues while using Nimbuzz? And not sure where/how to send us feedback?
We have now made it easier for you to provide us feedback right from within the client. Send in as much feedback as you want, and we promise we would give it all a sincere read and act on those.

Some of you have been reporting about Nimbuzz not working after you upgrade to a newer build. In case you face any such issue, try the following steps and you would be able to use Nimbuzz right away!

1.    Delete the previous Nimbuzz app.
2.    Restart the device
3.    Go to BB Appworld and install the new available version.

This release brings in a fix for this above mentioned issue and going forward you would not need to do any clean-ups manually.

Do you know there is a dedicated discussion forum for Nimbuzz BlackBerry users? Head to,51.0.html to discuss with fellow Nimbuzz users. This is the place where you get to share with us your day to day Nimbuzz usage experience and also put in your new feature requests, etc. Go ahead and start with the discussions now!

Mukesh Tanwani [Product Manager, BlackBerry]

2 thoughts on “Nimbuzz BlackBerry v1.4.1 with bug fixes. Download now!

    1. @roslyn – Calling is currently supported on Android, iPhone and Nokia Symbian S60 3rd & 5th generation devices. Due to technical limitations we do not support calling on Java & BlackBerry based devices. Thanks!!

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